Avoid the opioid

Avoid the opioid

How the Opioid Epidemic has impacted Orthopedic Surgeons

10+ years ago, pain scores were promoted as the main concern of HCPs, and opioids were presented as nonaddictive. In turn, opioid prescriptions proliferated and resulted in the opioid epidemic we’re experiencing today.


People Died From
Overdose In 2015
With this epidemic, many orthopedic surgeons are looking for a more natural and less addictive method of controlling post-op pain. With new improvements, multi-modal pain management has become a very effective solution.


How Orthopedic Surgeons are turning to Multi-Modal Pain Management

While no panacea exists yet, more effective multi-modal treatments, such as Cold-Compression Therapy (CCT) and Point of Care Dispensing (POCD) can help stem the reliance on opioids.

With multi-modal approaches, Orthopedic Surgeons can take more control of end-to-end patient treatment plans, while maximizing practice efficiency (and revenue.)

WR Specialists has been serving Orthopedic Surgeons with Multi-Modal pain management solutions for over a decade. WRS consults with practices to identify and provide solutions that both improve patient recovery and increase revenue.

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Getting initial medications straight from my Doctor vs struggling with my local pharmacy was so much easier. With additional cold-compression therapy, I needed fewer pain meds overall and got back on my feet, faster.

- William T, Chicago


How improvements to Point of Care Dispensing can help Orthopedic Surgeons

Early POCD solutions were better known for price-gouging and over-prescribing.

But the fundamentals were solid, as POCD is focused on patient care and convenience, with doctor control and oversight, while alleviating the bureaucracy.

WRS has worked with Orthopedic Surgeons to reinvent Point of Care Dispensing solutions that help practices looking to take control of Multi-Modal patient treatment.

The WRS Pharmacy Solutions program has improved convenience and care for our patients while increasing revenue for our practice.

- Michael K. M.D.

WRS POCD Benefits

WRS POCD Benefits


How Cold-Compression Therapy can help Orthopedic Surgeons

Cold-Compression Therapy (CCT) is an essential element in Multi-Modal pain treatment, limiting medications, and eliminating opioids.

CCT addresses the fundamentals of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) to reduce swelling and pain.

WRS has worked with Orthopedic Surgeons to design and develop what’s become the industry-leading VascuTherm CCT unit.

WRS CCT Benefits

WRS CCT Benefits


Innovative cryotherapy without the inconvenience and mess


Adjustable, intermittent compression levels


Simple touchscreen to control temperature and time

Custom Fitted

Comfortable and effective designs for patients
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WRS is focused on Multi-Modal Pain Management

WRS and partners have been serving Orthopedic Surgeons with pain management solutions for over a decade. As leaders in Cold Compression Therapy (CCT) service, and now as the premier provider of Point of Care Dispensing (POCD), they have helped smart practices provide improved patient recovery while effectively bringing in significant revenue as well.



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